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High Quality Foreplay Strategies


High Quality Foreplay Strategies

Recently, I often hear my friends discussing why every time I have an orgasm during sex, she just feels it. What can I do to make it better for me and my girlfriend to have fun?

Generally speaking, men and women have different orgasm times; it's really hard to get women and men to climax at the same time. So, how do you minimize the time gap between orgasms? In fact, everyone knows this method - more foreplay.

*The basic operations of foreplay are teasing chatting, hugging, kissing, touching, etc., which can help the other party relax and arouse desire.

Some men will say, I have done all this, why is she still uncomfortable? Why did she reject me? Because just doing foreplay is not enough, you also need to do it well. Good foreplay should be multi-sensory and multi-angle, and need to meet the needs of the four aspects of vision, hearing, smell and touch.

Next, I will teach you in detail: What preparations are needed for foreplay for girls, what are the key points and taboos.

What do I need to prepare before foreplay?

1) Your Appearance - At least clean yourself up before foreplay!

If a girl picks up your hand when you see her long nails covered in dirt; poked by your scruffy beard during intimate time; suddenly smells sweat, feet, odor during flirting... ...No matter how strong your desire is, it will be extinguished in an instant.

If you want to be more masculine, you can use some dressing "tips": wear a nice shirt and ask her to help you unbutton it; wear a few more rings on nice hands and ask her to help you take them off.

In short, play on your own terms! Don’t forget to brush your teeth and rinse your mouth, and hold a mint in your mouth, which can greatly enhance a woman's pleasure when kissing.

2) Sexual environment

A sense of security and privacy is the prerequisite for girls to relax their bodies.

Most women don't want to show off in a small hotel/private cinema/outdoors. To be safe, please don't have sex on a whim in a dangerous/unknown environment, it's hard for girls to get into the zone.

If you want to be in the room, take her to a better hotel. Of course, the most recommended main battlefield is in the comfort of your own bedroom~

Key point: Once foreplay begins, please don’t touch your phone again. It’s easy for men to ignore this, but looking at their cell phones midway is really dangerous in the eyes of girls! If you are taking photos or videos, they will worry and sound the alarm immediately.

According to color psychology research, warm colors (such as scarlet) are the most arousing, while blue is the most calming.

Therefore, it is best not to choose cool colors for your bed set of four. The warm yellow lamp creates a slightly ambiguous atmosphere, and two scented candles are placed on the table. The candlelight flickers on and off, which is very likely to seduce a woman's heart.

One study found that the smells of sweet bagels and pumpkin can stimulate desire in men, while the smells of cucumber and baby powder are more likely to aid sexual arousal in women.

To do a good job of auditory foreplay, playing music is also essential.

3) Little surprise 

Here are some methods that can speed up the process for your reference.

① Blindfold her and take her into your beautifully decorated room.

Buy her a sexy lingerie or a sex toy she wants, beautifully packaged. Whispered in her ear: Baby, this is what we will use in the future, guess what?

You can even equip her with an enhanced version of you - a large, realistic dildo

Like this thrusting vibrating clitoral thumping dildo is made from silky smooth silicone, like a real penis. Distinctive heads and veins enhance internal stimulation, and textured spheres enhance external sensations. Equipped with 3 speeds of fast thrusting, 10 modes of tip vibration and clitoral thumping, this thrusting vibrating clitoral thumping dildo can stimulate the clitoris and G-spot at the same time and also other erogenous zones.

You and "you", 2 to 1, your wife will surely surrender in orgasm.

② Give her a nice nickname and give her a kiss on the forehead, cheek, or corner of her mouth every time you call.

③ Help her bathe, massage, comb her hair, apply moisturizing oil, etc. Serving a woman can make her intuitively feel your respect and love.

Explain the order of each area

If the preparations are done well, I believe that by this time she will be very excited and ready to contact you further. The next thing to do, I don't need to say more, you know - to explore her body and let it fully respond.

According to the degree of reaction of different parts of a girl's body, we divide it into three levels from low to high -

Level 1 areas: Fingers, ears, neck, lips.

Level 2 areas: Breasts, thighs, waist, back.

Level 3 Section: Secret Garden.

Do not touch Level 3 parts immediately after they appear! The most guarded place here is that you need to keep laying out the front and gradually enter a good situation before you can take the initiative to welcome you.

You can start in an area away from Level 3 areas - for example, squeezing your feet, tickling your feet with a feather, or massaging her scalp, temples, shoulders, and neck. Let her body slowly relax.

When dealing with Level 1 areas, the best tool is the mouth—whisper behind the ear and breathe lightly; the back of the neck is great for gliding kisses.

Facing the level 2 area, men can explore it with a variety of tools, such as fingertips, lips and tongue, teeth, feather sticks, smooth metal blocks... touching the skin as if they were not close enough for a massage.

Finally, when it comes to level 3 areas, men need to find the only part of a woman's body that is designed solely for pleasure -.

The technical requirements here are relatively high. You can gently hold the tip of the nose, which is about the same intensity. Pushing too hard can leave a girl feeling "sore, numb" and even resentful. The direction should be up and down or left and right or a circle. If you are not sure, you can try sex toys instead of using your fingers.

One more thing to note: Unless you can find the exact "spot," most girls won't feel strongly about the act of merging. If not, it is better not to enter, lest the wrong technique causes pain and dryness in the girl.

Some tips for happier

A lot of people misunderstand foreplay: just because a girl is "wet" means she is ready/only focused on one place that makes her happy...

In fact, girls may be mentally satisfied before foreplay and have already started to get wet; this does not mean that they are ready, please stop your hands.

Don't have a little foreplay, I think it can be a stimulating attack, which is likely to arouse her disgust, it's a foregone conclusion! Never hold on to something, whether it's kissing or touching, do it a few times. Each part needs to stay too long, constantly "wandering" and taking care of different places in turn.

So how do you know if she's comfortable during foreplay?

(1) It can be seen from the physical reaction that after every time you arrive at a place, you can blow a gentle breath. If there is a slight tremor, just feel it. Of course, if she's blushing, her heart is racing, and her body is sweating, she's definitely doing something right.

If you are a sweet talker, you can ask her directly how she feels. But there are a few things to note – don’t talk too much, or the girl might just think she’s being tricked.

Experts suggest that conversations during sex should be as short and easy to answer as possible, preferably gentle and include her name.

Affectionate foreplay

Finally, and most importantly: make sure you do foreplay with love.

Without the cycle of love, it cannot be called sex. What girls want is not only to satisfy their physical needs, but also to satisfy their psychological needs first and then their physical needs.

A girl's mind is delicate and sensitive. She can tell at a glance that your actions are perfunctory and purposeful. There's no point in doing it just for aggression and foreplay, it's futile and she won't really open up to you.

Serious foreplay, good foreplay, is the foundation of high-quality sex and a reflection of your sincerity in the relationship.

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