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How to select a vibrating rod


There are three main sizes of vibration rods: small, medium, and large, and different sizes are suitable for different audiences.

(1) Small size

This type of vibrator is mainly used to stimulate the vaginal opening and G-spot of women, which can increase their chances of orgasm. It can be used for flirting and masturbation.

Applicable audience: Women who have sexual activity but are not experienced; Women who have fewer orgasms or have slightly colder sex.

(2) Medium size

According to the average length of a woman's vagina, the size of an insertable vibrator is generally between 5cm and 10cm, and can be used for masturbation and flirtation.

Applicable audience: Single women, couples, and couples with sexual needs.

(3) Large size

Such oversized and long vibrating rods are not something that ordinary people can use, and they look very scary. It is best not to try Xitong for women to avoid causing physical harm.

Applicable population: People with sexual hunger, thirst, and special sexual needs.

Novice players use vibrators, preferably in conjunction with disinfected wipes, lubricants, and emoticons. Adding more auxiliary means can provide you with a better sense of stimulation.

If you haven't felt much in the first few times, don't immediately deny the overall effect. Perhaps the posture and method used are incorrect. Explore more times, and there will always be a different experience.

Finally, after using the vibrating rod, a large amount of secretions and lubricant will remain on the surface. If left untreated for a long time, bacteria can easily grow, so it is important to rinse it promptly after use. Then pack it in a velvet or dust bag and place it in a hidden and cool place, keeping it dry.

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