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Precautions for sex toys


Consumers should not blindly seek excitement when purchasing erotic products, neglecting the importance of materials. Otherwise, if it causes breakage, jamming, or falling into the vagina, it will really be a loss for the wife and a loss for the soldiers. For example, a penile ring with feathers or small beads is prone to the situation where the penis falls off the feathers or small beads in the vagina during pumping; Using a condom for too long on the penis can also lead to cell necrosis and other phenomena. In addition, massage sticks or penile covers made of poor material (especially those with protrusions) are also prone to breakage or detachment. Therefore, when choosing, it is necessary to consider multiple factors to avoid making mistakes and instead "sweeping".

Pay attention to cleanliness and hygiene

Due to the fact that most sex products come into direct contact with sexual organs, special care should be taken in the cleanliness and hygiene of sex products. If it is not a fun product that is disposable, it should be cleaned thoroughly after each use; The artificial penis used for masturbation is also best paired with a condom. In addition, inflatable dolls, which are highly favored by many people, should not be shared by multiple people just because they are expensive, because in case bacteria get infected and cause more serious sexually transmitted diseases, it is really not worth the loss! So the rules for using sex toys are an issue that everyone should attach great importance to.

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