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How to achieve a G-spot orgasm


How to achieve a G-spot orgasm

There is an area in a woman's vagina that can cause abnormal sexual desire. If stimulated, it produces a response similar to ejaculation, this is called G-spot.

The exact location of the G-spot is 2-3 cm from the vaginal opening in the anterior wall of the female. There are individual differences in its size, and the general size is about 2-3 cm. Stimulation the G-spot can lead to more pleasant sexual pleasure and satisfactory orgasm, ejaculation may occur in female and stimulating g-spot can produce intense orgasm and even spray out.

How to find the G-spot?

First of all, we know that women have two kinds of orgasm sensitivity! One is the clitoris, which is located on the body surface outside of the vagina. The other is the G-spot in the body hidden inside the vagina. The clitoris is very sensitive and easy to find, but the G-spot is not so easy to find.

Because the G-spot is not as sharp and fast as the clitoris. Instead, the "pressing, pulling, and clicking" method produces a more comfortable and pleasant feeling! Then produce an orgasm with a G-spot orgasm! It's worth noting that the G-spot is almost finger-untouchable, and it cannot be felt when women aren't sexually excited enough!

It's only a small size, but if you stimulate it, the G-spot will swell and swell! It may be half the physical size of a ping-pong ball!

The G-spot is not on the skin surface of the vaginal wall! It is the internal tissue hidden between the wall of the vagina and the urethra!

When the G-spot is very excited, it can become a very dense and hard muscle state! If you touch the G-spot with your finger, you must pay attention to hygiene problems, especially not keeping long nails, which can damage the vaginal skin! Alternatively, we can use a safer silicone dildo, a soft and skin friendly dual-density liquid silicone dildo with lifelike shapes with a realistic glans and protruding vein texture, which can stimulate g points for greater safety and comfort. You can choose different styles of dildos according to your preferences, with realistic dildo, large dildo, vibrating dildo, ejaculation, etc, even unusual animal dildo.

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