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The development strategy of anal


Do not know how many friends have been eager to try to the anal development, but because of no way to start, or do not know how to do and helpless to give up? So we prepared a guide manual to help interested friends to open the door to a new world!

Step 1: Seek a consensus

Anal intercourse is performed based on the mutual consent and interest of both parties. If your partner is not interested at all, but forces them to satisfy their desires, the consequences can undermine your relationship except that the other person does not enjoy the process.

Step 2: Non-negligible foreplay

Remember, without proper relaxation, whatever you do will only feel pain, not pleasure. So for your partner, please play 15-20 minutes before anal sex.

Step 3: From small to large

AV is different from the real world, an anus that has never been inserted outside is not only very sensitive, but also tight and narrow, it is not possible to accommodate the penis into. So you need to start with using smaller things, like your fingers.

Step 4: an indispensable lubricant

The rectum has no natural secretion function, so you need the help of lubrication fluid, with latex condom for smooth anal sex.

Step 5: Step by step

Follow the steps and take your time. Remember to make sure your partner is in from time to time during the process and ask: OK? Habit? Is it acceptable? Can you continue?

Step 6: officially begins

Be patient, enter, inch by inch, and let your partner get used to wait for the other person to accept the presence of the penis before pumping.

The last little Tips: Any objects put into the anus, instruments, do not pull out from the anus immediately into the vagina, otherwise it is easy to appear bacterial infection. If the partner has a clitoris, you can stimulate the clitoris with anal intercourse, which will be easier to achieve orgasm.

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