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How to choose dildo material?


When you are ready to purchase your next dildo, you may think that the size of the dildo is crucial. However, what you really need to consider for a better experience is the dildo material. When choosing a dildo sex toy, you can choose: manual or electric, different colors, different sizes, which part of the body do you want to stimulate. Through the body, their composition is very important.

The best one is a high-end silicone dildo, while luxury dildos are usually made of double-density liquid silicone. Look for silicone that is safe for the body because it is not as porous as other materials. It bends your body slightly. These realistic dildos are usually lifelike, with realistic vein textures and glans, and balls with frles. The outer layer of the double density liquid silicone dildo is very soft so what you get is a higher quality custom feel with a cheaper material.

If the silicone dildos slides on the skin for grease. However, when you use anything made of silicone, unless the manufacturer declares that you can use something else, please choose a water-based lubricant.

Glass dildos are interesting for many reasons. First, they are usually very beautiful. Manufacturers of glass dildos often make interesting shapes and designs while adding splash colors. In some cases, a dildo may look more like a work of art than a sex toy. If you like to play with different feelings, then the glass is the best choice.

Heating it or putting it in the fridge can drive you or your partner crazy when inserted, as different temperatures touch the hottest parts of your partner's body. The hardness of the material allows you to enjoy the hard, sometimes bruised hit —— if this is you. If you like something gentle, relax and really warm up before penetrating.

TPR / TPE is a common dildo material, which usually means that they are inexpensive. These dildos have different colors and are soft to the touch and should be free with phthalates —— to look for when purchased. It will definitely give you a more real feel. Many are made of ridges or textures to add realism. Of course, if you choose a trendy pink or turquoise dildo, "loyalty" may not be what you want.

Although cheap, the dildos made from TPR / TPE are not perfect. Because they are made from porous materials, you cannot disinfect them. You can use toy cleaners to keep them clean, but if you share toys, it's not foolproof. If only for you, keep the dildo clean and dry, and store it in a dry, cool place. If you decide to share your dildo, use a condom to keep everyone safe.

Ceramic and wooden dildos Although ceramic dildos and wooden dildos are fundamentally different, but both are dildos, but it is worth mentioning. Often, these dildos are customized, one to one completely unique. Both must be done in a specific way to ensure physical safety. Ceramics need to fire a special glaze in the kiln, while wooden dildos should use non-toxic, food-safe, oil-free surface treatments.

Of course, you can also play with a ceramic or wooden dildo, as long as you have the right shape and style. But just like a glass dildo, you can be yourself with a work of art. How realistic these toys look depends on the artist who made them. Some are simple or abstract, while others appear very realistic.

Metal dildo is another body-safe material that lets you play like a glass dildo in high temperatures while being naturally simple. Speaking of smooth, smooth, metal dildos can only go this far. Like glass, relax with yourself or your partner during penetration, unless you desire something rougher. But if the pain is bad, be sure to stop. Inserting any kind of dildo should be interesting. Clean and clean it like a glass dildo.

In the end these are not the only dildos you can buy, but they are the safest, most durable, and best options. While other materials require additional care to help them last and stay safe. Ultimately, the dildo you choose for your sex or partner requires your skin and good feel good. It should also be easy to keep clean and be as durable as possible.

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