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How to use sex toys


1. Do not litter the unpacked packaging cartons and keep them safe, as they will be needed for future repair of damaged parts if they are to be returned to the original factory;

2. Remove the plastic paper from the packaging and check for any damage during transportation;

3. Take the appliance to the bathroom and degrease the surface. Many simulation tools may have oil on their surfaces, so they should be cleaned once a week to remove oil;

4. Using regular baby powder puffs is also an essential procedure, with the aim of removing oil while also removing dirt from the surface of the appliance. Afterwards, it should be rinsed again, and the powder and dirt on the utensils should be wiped clean with a damp towel, and then kept dry and clean;

5. During use, it is best to wear a condom and apply an appropriate amount of lubricant.

6. After use, it should be cleaned in a timely manner to avoid the breeding of bacteria.

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