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6 tips on a harmonious couples sex life


6 tips on a harmonious couples sex life

Harmonious sex life for couples, can produce intimate feelings, conducive to consolidating feelings. After research shows that the more times of sex life between couples, the trust will increase, effectively improve the relationship between each other, next, to provide you with a harmonious husband and wife life 6 suggestions!

1. at least twice romantic contact

For women, sex does not begin with undressing, but at the moment of contact with men.1-2 days should schedule at least two romantic encounters before sex, send a small gift, watch a romantic movie together, or send a flirtatious text message in between work, these actions will increase the expectation of sex, especially women can get into the state more quickly.

2. clean bed, quiet environment, clean inside

Before making love to do "clean bed, quiet environment, clean inside". Clean and tidy bed is a necessary condition for sex, cotton sheet, big bed is the best choice. Quiet environment means no noise and no family interference. Inner purity means no interference, no interference.

3. contraceptive measures properly

Getting the right contraception allows both sexual parties to worry and is more complicated. Contraceptive pills and condoms are both good options. Of course, if you've already decided to have a child, then relax and enjoy it.

4.Foreplay up to 6 minutes

Proper foreplay is important for both as it helps women produce vaginal discharge and helps men increase erection hardness. The best "sexual preplay" should meet the person's main needs of vision, touch, smell, hearing, saying some provocative words, breathing contact, kissing and caressing... the time is generally more appropriate in 6-10 minutes.

5. substantial love 7-13 minutes

The researchers found that a large amount of sexual activity (sexual organ contact) within 7-13 minutes was the most appropriate thing. Over 13 minutes, male fatigue increases and it harder to recover; within 7 minutes, both sides feel unfinished. Of course it didn't reach that time, or wanted to be a little longer man and woman, you can add some sex toys, such as vibrators, vibrating eggs, realistic dildos, etc, to mobilize the interest of both sides, to extend the time of pleasure. Such as Loving World realistic thrusting vibrator, this realistic thrusting vibrator is made from silky smooth liquid silicone, just like a real penis! The flexible shaft and skin are exquisitely handcrafted to provide an incredibly stimulating feel.

6. afterwards hug 10 minutes

Ignore the "after play" is the common problem of men around the world, but no after play sex is incomplete. After sexual behavior occurs, give some praise and encouragement to each other, clean up each other's private parts, or say nothing, quiet hug for 10 minutes, can give both sides psychological satisfaction and deepen each other's feelings.

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