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what is G-spot?


The G-spot is a place where you can feel pleasure from being fucked to heaven and earth. People who have been there say it is "very comfortable". But there are also many people who try to find the G-spot but can’t find it. Even if you find it once, it doesn't mean you will find it a second time. This makes many people feel that there is something wrong with them, and even their partners complain that they have something wrong. Is the G-spot like a mirage that comes and goes, or is it like a city in the sky that the chosen ones will enjoy first?

In fact, in sexology, researchers from different schools have different opinions on the G-spot. Some people say that there is no G-spot because this tissue cannot be found on the inner wall of the vagina anatomy. The other group of people say that there is a G-spot, because many women have indeed experienced G-spot pleasure/G-spot orgasm. Some people also say that many women have indeed found the G-spot and have experienced G-spot pleasure/G-spot orgasm, but there are also many women who cannot find the G-spot and have never had G-spot pleasure/G-spot orgasm, and some even People are sometimes found and sometimes not found.

So before you go looking for the G-spot, first of all, the first thing you need to know is where the name G-spot comes from. In the 1950s, gynecologist Ernst Gräfenberg published a report on the existence of an erogenous zone in the female vagina. And the location is at:

- Anterior vaginal wall

- Along the urethra

- The front end of the vagina near the vaginal opening, usually stimulates women to experience orgasm

So the origin of the G-spot is not that there really is a clitoris-like organ inside the vagina. Just like after a star is discovered, scientists will name it after themselves. The word "G" in this sensitive area, the G-spot, actually comes from the first English word of Ernst Gräfenberg's surname!

Since the G-spot is not an organ, what exactly is it?

Some people say that the G-spot is actually part of the clitoris. When the clitoris is excited, it becomes congested and swollen. The entire clitoris is filled with nerves, and the clitoral legs hug the vagina at the entrance of the body. So when you stimulate the G-spot, you may be stimulating the clitoris part of the body.

Some people say that it is actually the corpus spongiosum of the urethra, and this geographical location is consistent with the G-spot claimed by Ernst Gräfenberg. The G-spot swells and fits after a woman warms up is sexually excited, so pressing the G-spot may cause squirting.

The latest theory is: The G-spot is actually a mixture of the clitoris, urethra, and vagina! According to reports from women who have experienced G-spot pleasure, the G-spot is located at the intersection of the clitoris (clitoral vestibular bulb + clitoral crura), paraurethral glands (urethral corpus cavernosum) and the vagina! So the G-spot is not an organ or a point, but an area!

Loving world think the G-spot is simply given the wrong name! It should be called G Zone! ! Everyone should not be so confused anymore. And most importantly, you have to remember that whether you can find the G-zone or not, or even if you find it, whether you enjoy stimulating that area is very personal!

After all, your body belongs to you, and you can choose what kind of stimulation you like and don't like. There is no one-size-fits-all method for finding pleasure in this world. The most important thing is that you find your own pleasure map! The only rule is: consensus! Do it as long as you feel good!

Loving World has many vibrators that can stimulate the G-spot, such as clitoral and G-Spot thumping vibrator, clitoral and G-Spot thumping rabbit vibrator, rotating and tongue licking vibrator, etc. If you want to know more about G-spot vibrators, or silicone dildos, or vibrators, feel free to contact us!

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