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How many positions do you need to change for a perfect sex?


Today, let’s talk about sex. Everyone should know that there are hundreds of sexual positions, some gentle, some savage, and many more that we won’t list here one by one.

For many people, three movements in one night are strenuous for many people. How many positions is normal for that night? Is it true that changing positions more frequently makes you happier?

1. Do you need to change positions frequently?

This conclusion is the first thing to be raised. A 15-20 minute sex session, changing 2-3 positions is enough. So, is this a minority of men’s time? Love World recommends that you don't change positions frequently, it's fine to go from one to the other. Because within a limited period of time, the more frequently the posture changes, the less likely the girl will be happy.

So why do men like to change positions during sex?

Partly to show that they are an experienced master who knows more than others.

However, the fact is that skilled drivers are often not eager to demonstrate their driving skills, they are looking for stability and rhythm. On the contrary, when newcomers hit the road, they want to try more new postures only when the freshness of the road and the desire to explore are in full swing.

On the other hand, more people change positions in order to cover up the embarrassment of their premature ejaculation. Because continuous exercise will soon reach a climax, you are eager to change three postures within five minutes; every time you are about to reach a climax, you quickly shift your attention to achieve the purpose of extending the time.

2. Delaying by changing posture is effective, but ask yourself a question.

What is the purpose of procrastination? What is the purpose of preventing ejaculation? You will definitely say: Make your wife more comfortable and have more orgasms. The question then arises, what is the purpose of extending the time if the partner is uncomfortable? Women's sexual response time is relatively longer than men's (sexual arousal takes at least 6 minutes, orgasm usually takes 15 minutes); women's sexual pleasure is an accumulation mode, which needs to be taken slowly and continuously stacked and exploded.

But you change the position, and the girlfriend's sexual response time is divided into several parts. The time in each part is not enough. The girl cannot accumulate pleasure, always lacks climax, and is really angry. Secondly, most women are emotional; from emotional entrustment to a "flip movement" suddenly. Many girls feel like a "toy" and are not only unhappy but also uncomfortable.

3. Not changing posture VS changing posture

After reading the previous analysis, you must be thinking: Because changing the position is not conducive to the happiness of my partner, I won’t change it! Not changing positions may be more conducive to a woman's pleasure during a one-time encounter, but in the long run, it is not conducive to the emotional development of both of you. It may not be tiring to eat the same dish all the time, even two or three times; but if you eat it every day for a week or a month, can you still like it? For the same reason, if every time you work out in bed it is a fixed pattern and routine - foreplay → active play (1~2 positions) → orgasm → end Both parties can still meet, but well, if not, you should consider change idea!

4. Before changing positions, you need to pay attention

Love should be cultivated deeply, not casually. As long as you use the attitude of love and go deep into it, you will naturally be able to move me. But if you just rush to change positions, the sweetness of love will only be shallow. "You have to remember, what I want is the intensity and depth of your love. It doesn't matter what your posture is. Of course, being handsome is better!" - A girl's voice on the Internet

How can we actually change it so that it will not affect the status of both parties but also add fun?

The key is to make gradual changes rather than sudden changes. If she is immersed in the passion of love, changing your position will interrupt her emotions and cause the fire to go out in an instant. So a man needs to be very gentle when changing positions, do not rush and stay connected to his partner's body and mind: do not stop caressing her while looking lovingly into her eyes.

5. If the change of posture can not extend the doing time

I just mentioned that some men have reached the critical point. What if they don't change their posture and it may end the first game? Then don’t force it! You can generously tell your partner that she's awesome and that's why she makes you a priority. Next, you can proceed with servicing your partner with the help of a vibrator, which will also bring her to orgasm with pleasure. Such as this loving world realistic thrusting vibrator, with its realistic shape, soft liquid silicone, and equipped with 8 modes of tip and rabbit vibration and 3 fast speeds of thrusting, this realistic thrusting vibrator can help your partner reach orgasm quickly and comfortably.

Another option is to stop when you're about to orgasm and use a sex toy instead. In this way, the woman's pleasure will not be interrupted, but will progress layer by layer. Men can also use this time to distract themselves and wait until she is about to reach the critical point before entering, and finally reach the other side of love together!

In short, in this matter, you must fully consider your partner's feelings and put physical and mental investment as the premise.

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